Budoucí Workshop Yukimura Ryu I – Michael Ropeknight (fully booked)

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We are happy to announce that Michael Ropeknight will present a workshop Yukimura Ryu I in Subspace.

Yukimura Haruki’s philosophical approach to Shibari was unique in the japanese scene and was often referred to as „caressing rope“. We take a deeper look at the concepts of Semenawa and Aibunawa, learn first basics of Yukimuras way of tying and experience its application.

We will give space to the introduction of a special mindset as well as possible approaches and behaviors in dealing with each other. Then we will use the patterns and procedures in order to use more complex “techniques”. The main focus is on the generation of emotions through the “how” in the implementation of the bondage.


This workshop is aimed at bondage couples who want to explore the world of Yukimura Ryu together. Since this is ultimately a world of eroticism, there should be no fear of intimacy between the bondage partners.

The active part should have a basic understanding of rope and basic bondage patterns.

About 7 ropes are required – recommended rope: 7 /7.20 or 8 m 5/6 mm

About Ropeknight

Michael Ropeknight was able to experience and get to know different styles of Shibari on various trips to Japan. He studied with various well-known Bakushi before finally becoming an official student of Osada Steve. It was he who introduced him to Yukimura Haruki Sensei. In the following years MIchael spent a lot of time with these two masters and studied their techniques and philosophies.

Yukimura Sensei and Osada Steve describe his emotional abilities in dealing with his bondage partners and his use of energetic components (Ki) as extraordinary. It was not only because of these special strengths that both masters honored him to teach their styles as an official instructor. His appointment as a licensed Osada Ryu instructor illustrates the development of this bondage style from a technical to a comprehensive teaching system that focuses on communication and the actual bondage partners.

Ropeknight combines the major bondage schools of Yukimura Ryu and Osada Ryu in an undogmatic way. Through his creative and powerful, with a great deal of emotional depth, he gives these styles an independent touch.

As the owner of the Fourelements Kinbaku Lounge, he regularly organizes events for beginners and advanced learners and can be booked for workshops and individual lessons.

Other instructions


Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in Subspace studio. Exact address will be sent to you by mail after confirmation of your registration.


It is necessary to register in advance, places are very limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per couple. Advance payment is required.

Subspace member’s tickets are accessible to couples where at least one person is a Subspace member.

International participants can also register directly by contacting us.



Podrobnosti Cena Počet
Workshop Yukimura Ryu I - couple (350 EUR) 8 500 CZK  
Workshop Yukimura Ryu I - couple (Subspace member) (5 400 CZK) je k dispozici pouze pro členy. V Prodeji
Yukimura Ryu I
So 25.5.2024 - Ne 26.5.2024