BudoucíTying for everyone: Sadistic ropes (ENG)

  • 23.8.2022
    20:00 - 22:00

Regular Tuesday workshops Tying for everyone are literally for everybody, including total beginners.

Do you want to use ropes to cause pain? Then this is the right workshop for you. It does not need to be only sensation caused by tightening ropes, but also other methods. Riggers will also get information how to help their models to manage the pain. Models will receive tips on how to deal with it by their own activity. 

Every exercise can be altered according to your preferences and dynamics of the couple.

Level: Workshop is suitable for any level of experience – from newbies to advanced.

Bring with you:

  • Ropes – four ropes. Suitable length is 7,5-8 meters. There will be ropes to buy on spot. If you are not sure which are suitable and how much are they, you can visit our rope eshop www.provazem.cz or send us a message. We recommend rather buying ropes on spot.
  • Comfortable clothes

Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in our beautiful new studio, exact address will be sent to your by mail after confirmation of your registration. There are futons, no need for a mat. No shoes in main room.

It is necessary to register in advance, places are limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per person. Please register exact number of places (i.e. for a couple choose 2 places).

There are flags for translation in the bottom right corner (end of page on mobile). If you have troubles registering, please contact us.


Podrobnosti Cena Počet
Workshop (no membership) 300 (CZK)  
Workshop (members of Subspace) (210 (CZK)) je k dispozici pouze pro členy. V Prodeji