UplynuláWorkshop Shadow by Kurogami and Shiawase (sold out)

  • 27.5.2023 - 28.5.2023
    11:00 - 18:30

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Kinbaku is something that reveals what we already have inside us. It doesn’t add or remove anything. Particularly, semenawa is a way of doing rope that is about endurance, about going deep in our heart and putting both tops and bottoms in front of dark feelings. Embracing them is the moment in which kinbaku begins. It something which puts us in front of our shadows.

Shadow is a workshop with a central topic: torment. We will understand what this word means, why it’s not necessarily just a torture and what’s the impact of torment in a rope session. We will talk deeply about how much the process is more important than a final shape when we tie, we will investigate different possible approach according to the mood we have in the moment we tie. We will also study how actually semenawa – tormenting rope – can create beauty.

Following topics will be touched:
– Torment vs. Torture
– Suffering vs. Pain
– Physical stress and Boiling point
– Exposure, shame, oppression, objectification
– Surrendering and vulnerability

About Kurogami and Shiawase

Our vision of kinbaku is strongly impacted by the lineage of traditional Japanese bondage, particularly fond to the person of Riccardo Wildties.

As students of Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath, Kurogami & Shiawase study Kinbaku LuXuria style since 2016. In the last two years, they worked and researched a lot on their interpretation of kinbaku, descending from LuXuria style, always inspired by the never-ending research of Riccardo’s work.

As deshii (disciple) recognised by Naka Akira himself, Riccardo made Japanese bondage suitable for Westerns through careful engineering of technique and patterns. Meanwhile, he brought Akira Naka’s kinbaku in Europe, understanding the most important aspects. Now that the technical part is fully engineered, his research is moving to something deeper, more old fashion, dark and gloomy.

In 2018, Kurogami became a certified instructor of the style of Kinbaku LuXuria, definitely matching Riccardo’s educational values, principles and standard.

Useful information

Workshop will be held in English.

Class requirerments:

Riggers must have attended the Naka 1 workshop with Kinbaku Luxuria or Class #1 with Kurogami and Shiawase or Kinbaku I-III in Subspace. Tops must be able to tie a solid gote in Kinbaku LuXuria style, they must be confident with suspension and with all the possible way to stress the gote. They must be able to tie with no effort all the basics of the style (suspension lines, futomomo, leg harnesses, third ropes). Special conditions might apply, please contact us if you are not sure if you qualify for the workshop.

Bottoms must be confident with Naka ryu / Kinbaku LuXuria style semenawa. They have to be confident with suspension.

Registrations are approved according to level of participants.

Bringh with you

We recommend the students to have a rope set with at least 12 ropes.
We recommend to attend this class with jute ropes, 5 or 6mm diameter and 7-8 meters long.

We invite the participants to be dressed in the way they feel comfortable with while tying. However, as many exercises will also focus on the aesthetics we invite bottoms to be dress up with something they would feel at ease during a session.

Venue is well equipped with futons, blankets, kitchen, shower, etc.


Students may do all the pictures they want to the teachers during the demos. Video or any kind of recording of the demo are strongly forbidden. It’s possible to take picture of the respective partner but it is mandatory to respect the privacy of the other participants, especially if you intend to post any picture online.

Other instructions


Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in our beautiful new studio. Exact address will be sent to you by mail after confirmation of your registration.


It is necessary to register in advance, places are very limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per couple. Advance payment is required. Registrations are approved also accorindg to level of participants. Registration for non-members of Subspace opens at 19:00 on Thursday 26.1.2023.

International participants can also register directly by contacting us.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.