Uplynulá Workshop Presence, touch and movement in ropes by Romaine (wait list)

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This workshop will focus on some skills that you can add to your toolkit to help you develop your rope magic. We’re not talking about knots and patterns here, but rather about what transforms your piece of rope into something that creates a journey and move your partner.

Are you connected to your power when you tie? How can you access it? What difference does it make if you tie with your guts? What does it change when you allow your body to move, to flow, to connect? How conscious is your breathing when you tie? How can touch enhance a scene? How far can you take the person when each action, each placement of the rope, each tug on the rope is intentional?

During this 2day workshop, we will investigate these topics with handson exercises.

How to work with our full presence and our entire self

We will practice breathing, feeling for our center of gravity and our center of power, being more aware of our anchoring. This will allow us to be more present and work with our entire body and our entire self, rather than just with the ropes and our hands.

How to work with intentions and emotions

A scene can take many forms and include many emotions. As the rigger, we may want to convey love, protection, power, fear, control, arousal. Our inspiration may come from within ourselves, or from our partner. What do we want to live together? What scene do we want to shape together? We will see how we can play with intention and let ourselves be fueled by it to build more intensity.

How to use conscious touch

Touching while being fully present can create more connection. It can move the person being tied; it can move us, as the person tying. The first focus here will be to be present with our touch. We will also explore how different kinds of touch can affect the tie and generate different emotions and sensations.

How to work with space, movement and body manipulation

We will first practice various ways to handle the body of our partner while tying. The aim will be to step by step have enough understanding (with the head) and felt sense (with the body) to move the person in a way that takes them deeper in their journey, rather than taking them out of it. In the end, the idea will be to listen and respond to each other’s impulses and move together, rather than the rigger just shifting the person being tied from one position to the next.

All of these topics will be touched upon on both days, however, the focus will be as follows:

  • 1st day: awareness of our own body, presence, conscious touch, intention
  • 2nd day: movement, manipulation of our partner’s body, use of our whole body as rigger.

There will be very little actual rope technique, patterns or knots taught in this workshop. We will mainly work from where you are in terms of technique. The idea here is to focus more on the connection with yourself and your partner, which means that the less complicated the tie is, the more brain space you have for other things. The focus will be on floor work.

The exercises will often be real mini sessions. Please come with a partner who you feel safe and comfortable to be intimate with.

The structure allows for both partners to tie and be tied up, though there will not always be enough time to switch for each exercise. In any case, the choice to switch or not remains yours.

About Romaine

I have been tying for years and yet I am still exploring what drives me and what I want to experience when I tie. Ropes are for me a perfect way to take our partner, lover or friend on a journey, dance with them and create this special connection that I look for when I play. I want to get close to the person, listen to them, to what they desire, to what their body and mine crave or long for.

On top of my love for ropes, I am a somatic sex and relationship therapist, I have done a lot of massage trainings, I dance a lot and I have been practicing BDSM first as a bottom and then as a switch for more than 20 years.

What has led me where I am today is a strong and still growing belief that we should give our sexuality and our body a better loving space in our lives. The body has great wisdom and an enormous potential to help us grow. We need only listen.

Useful information

Workshop will be held in English.

  • Single column tie
  • Basic knowledge of rope handling and how tension, countertension and frictions work
    Basic knowledge of floor work safety (for both rigger and bottom)
  • Awareness of scene negotiations, communication and aftercare (for both rigger and bottom)
  • Awareness of your own limitations (for both rigger and bottom)

The completion of #2 Workshops for beginners (Workshopy pro začátečníky: Technika, emoce, závěsy) is required.

Bringh with you

You should bring 6-8 pieces of rope (7-8m).

Venue is well equipped with futons, blankets, kitchen, shower, etc.

Other instructions


Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in our beautiful studio. Exact address will be sent to you by mail after confirmation of your registration.


It is necessary to register in advance, places are very limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per person. Please register exact number of places (i.e. for a couple choose 2 places). Advance payment and having a partner is required.

International participants can also register directly by contacting us.


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So 28.10.2023 - Ne 29.10.2023