Weekend workshop

Uplynulá Workshop Class #2 by Kurogami and Shiawase

In this class we start from the concepts of semenawa that we taught in Class #1.

We will complete the skill set that any rigger has to acquire to tie in this style, but we will also work on aesthetics and advanced communication through advanced ties.

Some of the ties will contain important elements, such as transitions, body handling and manipulation and drills that will boost efficiency. Some other ties will offer enough room for improvisation – we will start from a concept, the demo will offer a common starting point, then we leave the students free to interpret that concept.

We will go deeper in the spirit of Japanese semenawa. Very important topics such as the beauty of suffering, tradition, legacy and heritage will be covered – as our style is not just about shapes, and the context really matters to understand what our style is about.

The workshop will cover:

  • 3-ropes gote and variations – as adapted by Wildties from Naka-ryu to improve safety without losing the spirit
  • Advanced suspensions of the style, as per Kurogami’s interpretation
  • Transitions and body handling & manipulation
  • 2-ropes armbinder for suspension
  • Traditional Japanese style aesthetics
  • Communication through ropes.

About Kurogami and Shiawase

Andrea Kurogami, 35 years old. In 2014 he met Shiawase and they became partners in life.

Together, they started to study Japanese bondage at the end of 2016, with Riccardo and Red Sabbath. From that moment on, their way of living bondage changed. In 2017 Kurogami and Shiawase gave life to Kinkyphilia, a project for sharing their way of living alternative sexuality and especially the way in which they live kinbaku. In February 2018 Kurogami became a Kinbaku LuXuria’s certified educator, definitely matching Riccardo’s educational values. In December 2019 Kurogami and Shiawase performed at the 25th Nawa Naka Kai in Tokyo, together with Riccardo and Naka-san. In November 2022 he has been certified by Riccardo to teach level #1 of the style together with Soptik, making them the only 2 people officially authorised to teach Riccardo’s style to an intermediate level.


Kinbaku LuXuria is a traditional style, which directly descends from Naka-ryu. Riccardo introduced a technical re-engineering in order to make the style fit with Western body types that didn’t undermine the original spirit of the style. Semenawa, the tormenting rope, is the word that better resume the mood of this style. Riccardo is Naka-sa’s Ichi-ban deshii and according to the will of his sensei he is the one who is designated to convey the style. In addition to several workshops and shows that Riccardo held in Europe and North America with his partner Red Sabbath, he performed several times in very important Japanese events in Tokyo, such as Maniac Festival and Nawa Naka Kai.

Useful information

Workshop will be held in English.

Class requirements:

Riggers must have attended the Naka 1 workshop with Kinbaku Luxuria or Class #1 with Kurogami and Shiawase or Kinbaku I-III in Subspace. We will admit people who have not studied with the people mentioned above only when they can prove that they have achieved an equivalent level. Riggers must be able to tie a solid gote in Kinbaku LuXuria style and have a solid knowledge of all the basic patterns and suspension of the style.

Bottoms must be confident with Naka ryu / Kinbaku LuXuria style semenawa and suspensions.

Registrations are approved according to level of participants.

Bring with you

12 ropes (natural fibre) will be required. Suggested size: 5-6mm diameter and 7-7.5m length.

Venue is well equipped with futons, blankets, kitchen, shower, etc.


Students may take any pictures they want of the teachers during the demos. Video or any kind of recording of the demo are strongly forbidden. It is possible to take picture of the respective partner, but it is mandatory to respect the privacy of the other participants, especially if you intend to post any pictures online.

Other instructions

Workshop starts on Friday from 16:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00. Door opening is each day 30 minutes before the start of the workshop.


Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in Subspace studio. Exact address will be sent to you by mail after confirmation of your registration.


It is necessary to register in advance, places are very limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per couple. Advance payment is required. Registrations are approved also according to level of participants.

Subspace member’s tickets are accessible to couples where at least one person is a Subspace member.

International participants can also register directly by contacting us.


We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
Pá 10.5.2024 - Ne 12.5.2024