Budoucí Photography & Aesthetics with Kinbaku Luxuria

Photo/rigger: Riccardo Wildties, model: Red Sabbath

Japanase bondage and photography have walked hand in hand since the early times of Ito Seiu. The popularization of rope bondage through magazines like Kitan Club or the works of Sugiura Norio is well known.

But how do we tie for pictures? What are the secrets to create ties that look stunning and how to photograph them?

This workshop aims to give the participant a basic knowledge of the most rewarding light schemes for Japanese bondage as well as a deep focus on rope aesthetics, with a deep focus on subjects as textures, uplines and body positions. We will also discuss and learn how to use clothing, both traditional and western, to achieve amazing rope photography.

Photo/rigger: Riccardo Wildties, model: Red Sabbath

Day 1 will be mainly focused on instruction. We will analyze light modifiers like soft boxes and grids and their positioning and use. We will see examples of bondage with both western and traditional clothing as well as working with a nude body, understanding how to use volumes to create beautiful images.

Day 2 and 3 will be focused on practical work, with students divided into groups and creating a shooting under the guidance of the instructor. Every shoot will focus on a specific topic adding precious information to use in different shooting conditions.

We will also learn how to include the rigger in the shooting and how to photograph live action bondage.

Participants roles and pre-requisites

You can join the workshop in one of following roles.


Photographers are required to have basic knowledge of how exposure and their camera controls work. We recommend bringing DSLR or mirrorless camera with hot shoe to connect flash trigger transmitter.


Riggers can learn from this workshop as much as photographers or even more escpecially about rope aesthetics. This workshop is intended for advanced riggers with experience in Naka ryu. Riggers are required to be solid in their gote and in the fundamentals of the style. Completing workshops:

  • Naka ryu I with Kinbaku Luxuria or
  • Class #1 with Kurogami & Shiawase or
  • Semenawa #1 with Soptik & Sansei or
  • Kinbaku I-III in Subspace is required.


Assistants will watch all the sessions and occasionally will be asked to assist during the photo sessions. There are no requiremtns for participation as assistant.


Models must have a wide experience in semenawa suspensions and must be able to sustain a Gote for long periods in static suspensions.

Models shall give consent to be tied, posed and photographed in poses with partial nudity and visible face according to not only their rigger, but also photographers and workshop instructor. Furthermore they shall agree with pictures being used by photographers and  organisers as the workshop outcome.

Other instructions


Workshop is taking place in Prague near Anděl in our rope studio. Exact address will be sent to you by mail after confirmation of your registration.

Workshop will be held in English.

Bring with you

Riggers need to bring at least 12 ropes, 15 been ideal.

Photographers need to bring their own camera (DSLR or mirrorless camera with hot-shoe recommended).

Subspace studio is equipped with futons, blankets, kitchen, shower, etc.


It is necessary to register in advance, places are very limited. You can find a registration form below. Price is per person. Registrations are approved also accorindg to level of participants.

International participants can also register directly by contacting us.


Podrobnosti Cena Počet
Photographer or rigger (300 EUR) 7 500 CZK  
Assistant (200 EUR) 5 000 CZK  
Rigger plus model (450 EUR) 11 250 CZK  
Photographer or rigger (Subspace member) (6 000 CZK) je k dispozici pouze pro členy. V Prodeji
Assistant (Subspace member) (4 800 CZK) je k dispozici pouze pro členy. V Prodeji
Rigger plus model (Subspace member) (9 000 CZK) je k dispozici pouze pro členy. V Prodeji
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